Did I ever tell you about the time the Valves went fly-posting (for some spare cash) for R*****r M***c? We’d done about five sites and were driving up Lothian Road when a cop flagged us down. We thought “Uh-Oh, nicked”, but he commandeered the van and we chased down a thief who was escaping on foot from the bizzies. No seats in the van so those off us in the back were flung around with paste and brushes until they caught the guy. The cop then said thanks and marched him off. Lucky escape, eh? But we got caught eventually  . . .


And we had to pay Regular for the replacement brush and paste (no, not really).



Waterboy Mike Scott made his onstage debut with the Valves during the encore at a gig in Pollock Halls, Edinburgh. He was playing guitar with an open tuning as he hadn’t learned any chords yet.

Ronnie had a Les Paul sunburst nicked from the dressing room before a Greedy Bastards gig in London – he still misses it.

Best place to play – Belfast (free Guiness!)

Best Hotel name to stay in – the Posa Hotel in London – shared with the Skids and some sexually predatory gentlemen of foreign origin














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