Videos of Valves and Valeetahs

Somewhere in Edinburgh

Finally found the Liberties’ version of No Surf (featuring Mr Niz on keys) ->


Here’s a Valeetahs version of Linda Vindaloo and other Valeetahs stuff should be adjacent ->


Louise (aka Spike) has kindly put together a YouTube playlist of videos so far –




Yet another Downfall parody . .

I’ve disabled comments on the YouTube page – never could understand the invective and abuse on comment pages. Guess we’re taking a risk with this blog . . .


Here’s a link to a video of Don’t Mean Nothin’ at All – mimed to give audio/video students at Napier College some practice. Ronnie had a doctor’s/dentist’s appointment that day so John from the Cheetahs kindly jumped around and mimed in Ronnie’s place. Do not adjust your computer – this is what analogue TV from 1978 looks like, folks.


And thanks to Walter McCrorie for this wonderful animation of ‘No Surf’ –

and to Bob Jefferson for adding some Porty-related pics to a live version of ‘No Surf’ –


and to Scottie for “Walk Don’t Walk” live at the Rock Against Racism gig in Annandale Street in 1978. Ronnie looks about 15 years old in this clip . . . . Skids and Monos available in related vids


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