Better Late – Samples

‘Better Late’ Samples of demos and live stuff recorded at the reunion gig at the Liquid Rooms, Embra in December 2013. Some of these will be new to you (a couple were surprises to us) and some are old favourites. We think they’ll sound better than the bootlegs/cassette versions you may have heard already. Thanks for the remixing and remastering, Spiny…

Diana Barrymore – in the pre-Google days, Dave didn’t know who she was – now we all know.

So Stuck Up – This is a fairly raucous and zippy song – no idea why we dropped it from the set early doors.

Don’t Wanna Eat You – Da Blues (Valves-style). We’d forgotten all about this one till our drummer found a reel-to-reel in the bottom of a box. Dig the suspended chord – unique in the Valves repertoire.

Haircuts from Mars – Our epic 2m 50s Buddy Holly/Outer Limits/Dillinger magnum opus – note subtle presence of kitchen sink in the production.

Anytime – the best song that Graham Parker should have written but didn’t

Fab Front Loader – Surrealism or drugs? Discuss.

Walk Don’t Walk – have you ever had a relationship that’s caused soapy bubble?

Linda Vindaloo – the Spiny remix.

West End Club – the all-nighting all-fighting club above Watches of Switzerland in Princes Street. A romantic ditty (unfortunately this version doesn’t include Dave’s reference to the popular Sik Tek Fok restaurant

Mum and Dad – One of our earlier songs – some nice lyrics, Dave – “You pick up bad guys like a magnet picks up tin”

Sister Radio – The great hope for a hit single that never made it onto vinyl (before no

And the live ones – recorded at the Liquid Rooms, Edinborg in December 2013 – thanks to everyone who attended.

For Adolfs Only

Robot Love – bit of confusion with the lyrics on the full album version (our first gig in 34 years). Not that anyone noticed…

Ain’t No Surf in Portobello – Ah, harmonies that Brian Wilson can only dream of…