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After the 70s split, Dee and Pada were in The Mudsharks with Keith Burns, Alan Marshall, Stuart Niz and Carl Orkiszc for a wee while. Ronnie Mac joined us after this recording. I can remember very few gigs, apart from the Rothes Arms and Eric Brown’s (RIP). Thanks to Douglas Ring, Alan has digitised the tape from our only demo and here’s the four songs – and why isn’t there more saxophone around these days?

Dave’s lyrics are superb BTW.. This was apparently Keith’s first recording session – hard to believe. There’s a couple of songs I wished we’d recorded – ‘Blue Circle (Don’t Make My Baby Blue)’ and ‘We Were Only Holding Hands’ – which was a song we jammed on each night in a different style – rock, jazz and on memorable night, reggae. All these moments, lost in time, like tears in rain…


Gordon at the Liquid Rooms soundcheck – December 2013

December 8 – Our good pal Gordon’s funeral was on Monday – it was, as you’d expect, well-attended by many friends, colleagues and musos. Alastair McKay (author of the fine book ‘Alternatives to Valium: How Punk Rock Saved a Shy Boy’s Life’) has written a moving obituary to Gordon – https://alternativestovalium.blogspot.com/2022/12/the-soundtrack-of-valve-appreciation-of.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR2Ltwg29B4rEHq3teA_e7wUoMheJ_t-0Ut6qrs23L9Ahbxvx0Jqd2hZ9s8

We’re distraught by the loss of our great drummer and friend, Gordon Dair who passed away on November 16. Gordon had fought cancer bravely since late-2019 but despite suffering from chemo side-effects, had continued to rehearse, gig and live life to the full while he could.

I’ve known Gordon for over 50 years – we both grew up in Lochgelly and ended up sharing flats in Edinburgh during the 70s when the proto-Valves started life. He was always fun, bouncy and entertaining but with a strong entrepreneurial streak.

He was the driving force behind the Valves playing a reunion gig in 2013 and for releasing our album of 70s recordings in 2020, as well as the subsequent live CD and ‘Snowman’ single.

He loved life, music, cinema and his family and I can honestly say we never argued during the times we had together.

I will miss him terribly and the thoughts of myself, Ronnie, Joe and Gordon are with Nuria and Jo.

Gordon, it was good knowing you.


This from the BBC series –

Recorded live at The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art) on Friday October 18th 2019.
This is a six track limited edition release of 100 Digipac CDs. 
All new material and featuring full colour artwork including pictures from the gig.

More details and ordering from –

“Better Late” Debut album now released –

Available at some fine record shops – All Ages Records in Camden Town, Love Music next to Queen St Station in Glasgow, Elvis Shakespeare in Leith Walk in Edinburgh. Wall of Noise Haddington, Nat Records in Tokyo, Japan and Dirty Records in Göteborg, Sweden … more to follow

Also available on line at https://thevalves2.bandcamp.com/

we are reviewed –

Pada speaks!



To contact the Valves, email themightyvalves@gmail.com or use the Facebook or Twitter pages (both called TheMightyValves) at the foot of the left hand menu

Pre-order now online at –

LPs will be sent out on 2nd March so you receive the platter at least 10 days before the official release date.

Edinburgh punk/new-wave band formed in 1976 and disbanded in 1979 after releasing  3 indie singles on Zoom Records and Albion Records. Extensively gigged in UK, Ireland and Sweden. Valves History


Band members – and this is gospel – every other website seems to get confused by the multiple Gordons.

From left to right –
Ronnie Mackinnon – Guitar
Dave Robertson (aka Dee Robot) – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Gordon (aka Pada) Scott – Bass
Gordon (aka Teddy) Dair – Drums


Reformed for a one-off reunion gig in December 2013 at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh.



As Dee is resident in Antwerp, recruited Joe Donkin (Cheetahs) on vocals, Gordon Mackinnon (AVO-8) on keys and Fergus Murray (guitar) and started playing Edinburgh gigs as the Valeetahs.


Back to a five-piece after Fergus left and as we’d run out of mash-ups involving the Valves and Cheetahs, decided to go back to our roots under The Valves (aka The MIGHTY Valves) banner.


Called ‘Punk Legends’  by the Scotsman. Honest…



Work starts on a vinyl only LP.
14 tracks, all previously unavailable,
recorded from 1977-1979. It’s taking time, but will be worth it.

coming soon – The PORTOBELLO RECORD Co. reissue series PORT004

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  1. Thanks for the cover, Soren – you can’t beat the classics. Swedish or Danish? Cos we had a great time in Stockholm in 79. Cheers, Pada

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